unlocking capital for climate projects

The software bridge from carbon emissions to scaleable climate finance.

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we fund carbon entrepreneurs

Carbon project developers get access to upfront financing and revenue streams. 


we need to deploy $100 Trillion in climate financing before 2050

Transparent, accessible, and high-quality voluntary carbon markets (VCMs) are the key to this unlocking. High-quality climate projects, that reduce, avoid or remove carbon are the key to trusted VCMs.

Today, the demand for this caliber of projects is at an all-time high, and funding them using carbon credits or for investment returns, stacks into billions of dollars.


For climate

we supercharge project supply

We finance the highest-quality climate projects, in any ticket size.

transparency is key to our quality supply

You see end-to-end what you buy, as we offer clarity into pricing and quality.

our risk engine is purpose-built

Our proprietary technology is built to assess risk at bank standards, using a decentralized approach.

How it works

Financing diverse portfolios of the highest quality carbon reduction, avoidance and removal projects.


Risk-assessment and pricing of carbon projects and their carbon reduction/removal potential.

portfolio construction

Exclusive buyer access to SALT platform for refined portfolio options, bespoke offers and early opportunities to fund highly in-demand projects.


Projects funding, credits pricing and issuance, contracts management, verification and monitoring service.

We are backed by some of best climate-tech investors on the planet